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Pisces Music was formed in 1987 by Mrs.Amporn Chakkaphak, a former journalist who had extensive background in organizing international music shows & cultural events with Nite Spot Production--a pioneer in bringing international artists to Thailand. She is also known as “Silom”, a pen name that she used for her music columns in various Thai and english publications in the past 30 years.

Pisces Music was conceived with an aim of becoming an independent private company that strive to promote traditional Thai music on the local and international levels, and at the same time forging the missing link between different generations of musicians.

“Kangsadan”, Pisces Music’s first group in 1989, was led by the late Jamnian Srithaiphan a leading oboist who was later named “National Artist” by the Thai Government. The core musicians, meanwhile, consisted of a young generation of musicians from the “Supoj Tosa-nga” family who were regarded as the finest “Ranat”(Thai Xylophone) players in the country. The group had performed in several countries including“Festival of Asian Arts Hong Kong”, “Festival of Asian Performing Arts Singapore”, “Earth Celebration” ,“Miura Percussion Meeting” in Japan, and “Festival of Asia 2001” in New Zealand.

In 1995, Pisces Music set up a new band “Boy Thai” , with an aim of creating a new musical style that will appeal to an international audience, while maintaining a distinctive Thai identity. The group is credited for the resurgence of traditional Thai music among the new generation. (Read more in Band Profile)

Today, Pisces Music is still strongly commited to preserve the rich musical history of Thailand, and opening up more new avenues to help the artform survive into the next century.

Amporn Chakkaphak
Managing Director




Amporn Chakkaphak (middle) with Boythai in China, July 2005

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Pisces Music - Past events highlights
  • Commissioned by the Tourism Authority of Thailand to compose the theme song
    “Thailand the Golden Paradise” for the “Visit Thailand year” campaign. The song
    was written and performed by Fong Nam Band
  • Represented Thailand at the “Music of the Royal Court Festival” in London
    (Fong Nam Band )
  • Represented Thailand at the Festival of Asian Arts in Hong Kong. ( Fong Nam Band)


  • Promotion trips with Tourism Authority of Thailand at Asean Travel Forum in Singapore
    and Thailand Travel Scene in Paris. ( Kangsadan Band )
  • Concert tour of major cities in Japan at the invitation of the Japan Foundation Asean Culture Center
  • Promotion trip with Tourism Authority of Thailand at Thailand Travel Scene in Florida and Washington D.C.
  • Represented Thailand at the Festival of Asian Arts in Hong Kong. ( Kangsadan Band )
  • Organizer of “Crosswinds”, an inter-musical exchange between the Thai flute and the Japanese Shakuhachi flute.
  • Concert tours of Japan organized by the International House of Japan and other independent promoters.
  • Represented Thailand at “The Night of Asian Arts Festival” organized by the Federation
    of Asian Cultural Promotion in Taipei, Taiwan. ( Kangsadan Band )
  • Concert appearance at the “Earth Celebration’93” Drums Festival with “Kodo” drummers
    at Sado Island, Japan. ( Kangsadan Band )
  • Concert appearance at the “Miura Percussion & Meeting” in Miura, Japan.
  • Representing Thailand at the Festival of Asian Arts in Singapore. ( Kangsadan Band, Boy Thai )


  • Commissioned by the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra to compose “Ranat Ek Concerto” as a tribute to His Majesty the King of Thailand’s Golden Jubilee.( Kangsadan Band )
  • Joint recital with Kifu Misuhashi (Shakuhachi) and Kaori Toyama (Koto) organized by the Japan Cultural Center.( Kangsadan Band )


  • Headline band at “Southern Thailand’s First International Jazz and blues Festival”. (Boy Thai)
  • Represented Thailand at the first “Thailand Festival of the Arts.” ( Kangsadan, Boy Thai )
  • Concert appearances in Taipei organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.
    (Boy Thai)
  • Farewell concert for “Ad Asia” Conference in Pattaya, Thailand. (Boy Thai)
  • Commissioned to compose music for the opening ceremony of the 10th United
    Nations Trade and development meeting in Bangkok. (UNCTAD X)
  • Represented Thailand at the “Festival of Asia” New Zealand. (Kangsadan)
  • Special concerts highlighting “Thai Week” at the Hard Rock Café, Singapore.(Boy Thai)
  • “Thai Night” Gala Evening at Pata Travel Mart,Singapore. (Boy Thai)
  • Concerts in co-operation with “Thai Food Festival”, Tokyo, Japan. (Boy Thai)
  • Gala evening celebrating Thai Airways International new route to Milan, Palazzo Mezzanotte, Milan, Italy. (Boy Thai)
  • Joint performance with Japanese Tsugaru Samisen (Nitta) Bangkok (Boy Thai)
  • Concerts to celebrate Thailand-China 30 th anniversary diplomatic relation; Beijing Kunming, ShangHai (Boy Thai)
  • Organizer and producer of “Saturday Music Ed” for Thailand Knowledge Park, an
    edu-tainment center under auspices of the Office of the Prime Minister from January
    2006 to December 2006
  • Concert in Sapporo, Japan, in conjunction with “Thai Night” organized by the Tourism
    Authority of Thailand (Boy Thai)
  • Organizer of the performance of H.M.the King’s Composition “Near Dawn” arranged for
    traditional Thai Orchestra on the occassion of H.M.The King’s 60th year on the throne.
  • Participation by Pisces Music musicians in the “Bangkok Jazz Festival 2006” for joint
    performance with “Asia Beat”, comprising of leading musicians in Asia,featuring John
    Kaizan Neptune
  • Continued the second series of “Saturday Music Ed” for Thailand Knowledge Park
    January 2007 – December 2007.
  • Concerts in Shanghai in conjunction with “Thai Festival”, organized by the Royal Thai
    Consulate of Shanghai (Boy Thai)
  • Co-organizer with the Japan Foundation in organizing “Sotoru Shionoya Jazz Group”
    concert in Thailand on the occasions of H.M.the King’s 80th Birthday Anniversary and the
    120th anniversary of Japan – Thailand diplomatic relation
  • Concert in Singapore in honour of H.M. the King’s 80th Birthday Anniversary organized
    by the Royal Thai Embassy in Singapore,
  • Performed at the opening ceremony of the Asean Tourism Forum 2008 organized by
    the Tourism Authority of Thailand. (Boy Thai)
  • Performed at the Amazing Thailand Road show to Australia 2008 at Sydney and
    Melbourne, Australia. ( Boy Thai )
  • Performed at the “Thailand Exhibition 2008,” Singapore
  • Co-organizer with the Japan Foundation in organizing “Koh Mr.Saxman” as part of
    Unit Asia Jazz Concerts” in Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Thailand.
  • Performed at the Asean Business Awards as part of the “Asean Summit” ( Boy Thai )
  • Performed at the “Amazing Taste of Thailand Festival” organized by the Tourism
    Authority of Thailand ( Boy Thai ).
  • Performed at the “Defense & Security 2009 Gala Dinner” organized by the
    Defence Ministry
  • “Boy Thai New Generation” debuted at the “Music in the Park : Thai Music Series”
    organized by the Bangkok Metropolitan Adminstration.
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