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The Thai Grammy Award winner for best instrumental songs (1995 and 2000) band,
Boy Thai have been dubbed by the media as “Young Turks” who are out to revolutionize traditional Thai music. Boy Thai not only aim at bringing East and West together, but also
to fuse ancient Thai music with modern elements to create a new style that appeals to an international audience.

Formed in 1993, the group has released 3 albums to their credit: Siamese Samba(1995),
Andaman Sun(1998) and Spicy Brazil(2000).
The songs from the three albums have been frequently used to epitomize the “Modern Thainess” in tourism campaigns, cultural activities
and contemporary arts, both in Thailand and globally.

Boy Thai’s music feature innovative pieces that combine influences ranging from Samba,
Bossanova and Modern Jazz in “stunning performances” with the Thai xylophone (Ranat), flute and Thai percussion.

Boy Thai’s current line-up is led by Sekpol Unsamran, who is regarded as one of Thailand’s most prominent saxophone players of today. His debut album “Mr. Saxman” released in 2002 has won much critical acclaim and led him to many invitations to perform overseas. Another leading member is Narongrit Tosa-nga whose virtuoso feats on the Thai xylophone (Ranat) have won him praises from critics and fans alike. In 2004, Narongrit shot
to fame from his role as The Ranat maestro “Khun In” in the blockbuster “The Overture”.
Since then, he has been hailed as the champion for the surge of popularity in traditional Thai music among the new generation.

It is hoped that the combination of efforts between the original and the new generation members, the music of Boy Thai will give the listeners a vivid picture of the present Thai society where the ancient and the modern strive to exist harmoniously side by side.

Press Comments on Boy Thai

“Boy Thai restores anyone’s faith in things Thai. The group is a model of what can be done with our heritage.”
The Sunday Magazine

“Boy Thai are out to revolutionize Thai music and capture a wider teenage audience in the process.”
The Nation

“Boy Thai-a classical/futuristic spectacular that is being heralded as the most innovative thing to have hit traditional Thai music ever.”
Metro Magazine

“The Boy Thai concert should have been a shocking experience. First to be shocked should be the young people in the audience, because their expectation of classical Thai music, conservative, boring, outdated was shattered that night.”
The Bangkok Post

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